We’re pleased to offer the following veterinary services in our Coshocton area from A-1 Vet Care.

Superior care

You can count on superior care and excellent service from the team at A-1 Vet Care.
Wellness Exams

We provide wellness exams to keep our patients feeling their best! During a wellness exam, we will discuss your pet’s medical history and all current concerns. Our doctors will conduct a full-body, head-to-tail exam to get to know your pet and its needs. We will be able to answer all of your questions, address your concerns, and create a wellness plan tailored specifically to your dog, cat, or other small animal.

In-House Laboratory
We’re equipped to perform in-house diagnostics, which allows us to find answers much faster than sending samples out and waiting for results. We perform tests on complete blood count (CBC), chemistry, cytology, fecal, and urinalysis. The faster we’re able to diagnose our patients, the faster we can begin treatment and recovery. Our diagnostic services can help treat ear problems, skin problems, internal parasites, and more.

Just as it’s important for you to see a dentist regularly, it’s essential for dogs and cats as well. Your pet’s oral health is directly connected to their overall health. We perform dental cleanings and extractions for your dog or cat.

Preventative Care

It makes sense to do everything possible to prevent disease! Our systematic approach to all aspects of preventive pet healthcare can avoid unnecessary pain and suffering that will keep pet healthcare costs to a minimum over your pet’s lifespan. A-1 Vet Care provides flea and tick prevention and heartworm testing/treatment.


Keeping your pet’s nails trimmed is important for several reasons. However, trimming a pet’s nails—dog or cat—can seem like a daunting task for many pet owners. The team at A-1 Vet care can help trim your pet’s nails during their visit! Additionally, please let us know if you would like help with dog anal gland expression during your next wellness check-up! We will perform the expression and also show you the techniques for how to do it at home.

Vaccines are an essential part of preventative medicine. Many of the diseases that can affect dogs and cats are preventable through proper pet vaccinations. From your first visit to A-1 Vet Care, we’ll make sure your pet is up-to-date on their vaccines and put on a schedule that makes sure they continue to stay up-to-date.
Our team is highly skilled and experienced in performing a wide variety of pet surgeries using modern techniques, cutting edge equipment, and always adhering to the strictest standards of safety and care. When it comes to surgery, you can feel confident that your loved one will be in excellent hands with our team!

We understand that while surgery is a part of our daily routine, it’s not something you or your pet must deal with very often. Because of this, you may have many questions and concerns. We want to set your mind at ease and make your companion’s surgery as stress-free and positive an experience as possible. We perform several types of surgeries, including spays/neuters, tumor/ soft tissue surgery, orthopedic, declaws, ear crops (under 12 weeks of age), and foreign object removals.

Digital Radiography

We’re pleased to utilize state-of-the-art technology to treat our patients. There have been significant advancements in digital x-ray technology, and we can now manipulate the digital images that we take. This allows us to diagnose issues that may not be seen on a traditional x-ray. Because the x-rays are digital, we can also easily share the images with specialists or other veterinarians we may consult for more difficult cases.


A-1 Kennel Care is an excellent place to board your pet in Coshocton because of the superior facilities and dedicated staff. A-1 Kennel Care has established the healthiest environment with air conditioning in the summer and heated floors to make the floors “warm to the touch.” This is to assure your pet a safe and comfortable “HOME AWAY FROM HOME.” Learn more here.

Just like people, pets can experience accidents and injuries that require emergency care. If your pet is experiencing a medical emergency during operating hours, please bring them in. For emergencies after-hours, we will refer you to a nearby clinic.